In this episode of the Passionate DJ Podcast, David takes the time to respond to a handful of listener emails who have written in looking for solutions to their problems as a DJ.

Overall, this episode is seriously loaded full of strategies and actionable tips. We can almost guarantee that you will hear something useful in this episode, that you will be able to use right away to help solve your own DJ dilemmas.

Here are the main questions we attack this week:

  • Daniel wants to know if he should choose a DDJ-SX2 or a DDJ-SR, and why.
  • Brandon writes in to ask for advice on diversification, and how to broaden his horizons as a DJ.
  • Alex is curious if it's worth it to trade his Pioneer XDJ-R1 for a Numark Mixtrack 3 + laptop combo from a friend.
  • DJ Smallz asks for advice on creating a “CV” for his DJing career, at the request of his new employer (overall, the conversation gravitates toward Electronic Press Kits).
  • SDH and Roman both wrote in asking for advice in regard to speaker options.
  • Finally, Jay says he is having trouble branding himself and standing out from the crowd.

Inside the episode, you will find lots of gear recommendations, hear some tech-talk about speaker vs. line level audio signals, get some tips on putting together your bio and EPK, and receive *loads* of info on how to properly promote yourself via Facebook and Instagram.