Every time we turn around, we’re getting hit with some new gear or software announcement in the DJ community.

This week, it’s digital DJ software company Serato, announcing an iOS app called “Pyro”, which is a (free) music player aimed at the consumer market.

However, it’s impossible to gloss over the main feature of the software, which is that it attempts to beat match your playlist together and mix them together, as if done by a DJ.

Despite Serato’s claims that this is a separate product from their professional DJ software offerings, this new app has the comment sections of many internet blogs and DJ news sites ablaze, with some fearing that continuing this path of automation and removing the human element could mean the demise of the DJ.

So yeah, of course David, Tony, and Trip went down that rabbit hole. We rehashed some familiar arguments regarding current DJ technology, while wildly speculating on other points.

Oh yeah, and we reviewed the software, too. It’s actually pretty damn slick. See the video below and download from the Apple App Store to check it out. 🙂