In this week's episode, we are thrilled to have Mister Shifter with us at Dayton Studios. As a founding member of Random Movement and veteran drum and bass DJ, Jack has some unique insight, as well as a lot of research and first hand knowledge of the drum and bass genre, scene, and history.

There's no major gear or software announcements, this week. David, Trip, and Tony put the artist spotlight on Jack, who takes you on an hour and a half ride through the progression of early hardcore breakbeat culture, which spawned drum and bass, as we know it, today, while also highlighting his own accomplishments with this complex and distinct genre.

Make sure you pick up Mister Shifter's latest release, “Nowhere Fast“, available at Beatport on Fanu's label Lightless Recordings.

Inside, we discuss:

  • The origins of the genre
  • Required listening/prime movers in the scene
  • The major sub-genres, and what makes them unique
  • The migration of DnB to the US
  • The current state of the scene

Clips in this episode include:

Random Movement: Stars in the Dark (Opening Credit)

Goldie: Inner City Life

M Beat feat. General Levy: Incredible

Nasty Habits: Shadowboxing

Roni Size: Brown Paper Bag (Full Vocal Mix)

T-Power: The Mutant Remix / Rollers Instinct (DJ Trace Remix)

Reese (Kevin Saunderson): Just Want Another Chance

Mister Shifter: Nowhere Fast (Closing Credit)