Hey folks! We’re back with a killer Episode 39. Sorry for the delay, but some of us succumbed to this nasty bug that seems to be going around.

Early on, we cover a handful of topics before getting into the main “meat” of this week’s show: the current state of dance music, and where it might be going.

The first thing we talk about is the new SashaAndJohnDigweed.com website, where you can sign up and get updates on what appears to be a re-uniting of the pair. Tony, Trip, and I are all long-time fans of the duo, and the thought of them touring together (or working on music in, basically, any way) definitely piques our interest.

We chat a little bit about the influence that these two had on dance music back in the 90s, and their ability to pull off what we DJs like to call “telling a story”. And we also give a little speculation on why they may have stopped touring together in the first place.

What started out as an apparent April Fools joke now looks like it may hold some water, with tour dates popping up on the Internet in various places. Be sure that the three of us are going to start talking about a trip to Chicago if this pans out to be true.

We then get into Avicii’s recent announcement that he’s retiring from DJing. Clearly the result of intense over-work (being a full-time, touring DJ is not just fun and games, after all), it goes to show that the industry has a way of eating up artists and spitting them out.

Avicii has had a pretty rough time, admitting to problems with alcoholism, health issues (including gallbladder removal), and an overall desire to have “normal” life experiences. Best wishes to him as he decides what to do next.

Eventually we work our way into the main topic: Is EDM on Life Support?

Many DJ and dance-music outlets are screaming, “The sky is falling!” when it comes to the alleged bursting of the EDM bubble. And it’s not a tough argument to make. After all, with the rise and fall of mega-conglomerate SFX, the falling attendance in Miami’s yearly festival, and a seeming drop in overall cashflow for large events… the argument isn’t without merit.

“You see someone DJ and throw his hands up and fireworks in the background, and that experience is replicated a hundred times. How is it changing for you? What’s the selling point unless you’re a super fan?”

– Senthil Chidambaram, CEO of Dancing Astronaut

However, we talk about the difference between the mainstream and “hardcore” dance music culture, and the differences in today’s climate versus, say, the rave and “big beat” eras of the 90s.

While the Miami Herald claims that the dance music craze is slowing down, other outlets like Magnetic Magazine are saying that everything is just fine.

We say that, like with most things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. But, regardless of what happens… those of us who are truly here for the music and the community will be around to pick up the pieces.

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