There is a lot happening in the world of streaming audio this year, especially when it comes to the realm of the DJ. In episode 40, after answering a voicemail from a listener asking about the use of “set rips”, we go over all the current happenings in the streaming space. We cover recent moves by PulseLocker (with Serato integration), Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud Go, and similar services.

We chat about the pros and cons of streaming technology, how feasible it currently is for use in a DJ booth, and the ramifications of not actually owning your music.

We also get into some of the new technology popping up within the streaming services which is meant to help with the convoluted copyright situation we’ve found ourselves in. Are we headed towards a much less “gray” place, where we will be able to hack, slash, edit, remix, and upload music in a completely legal manner, and have all relevant artists get paid for it? Or is this a pie-in-the-sky idea?

Before we dive in to the full discussion, I take a moment to make a very special announcement regarding the growth of The Passionate DJ Podcast, don’t miss it! We’re making big moves!

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