We've all got lists of “Top X of Y”. In Episode 43, Trip, Tony, and I realized, we've been doing all of this talking about the technical aspects of DJing, and talking about what differentiates the genres. But not really opening up and sharing what music drives us, influences us as musicians and DJs, or that brings up fond memories.

So, in this episode, we present “Pick 3” …not necessarily our Top 3 favorites of all time, or of any specific genre, but top 3 tracks that came to mind as we were brainstorming for this episode. There's some great variety, here, and we enjoyed it so much that our intention is to keep bringing installments of this segment.

We'd also love to hear your feedback. What do you think of the songs we picked for this episode? What are some of YOUR “Top 3” tracks?

(Special thanks to Dayton Studios for allowing us to record!)