For this installment of Passionate DJ, we reflect on David and Tony’s experience at Movement 2016 in Detroit, Michigan.

While Trip has been in years’ past, a series of events prevented him from going this year…all good things, thankfully (shout out to PDJ listener Mo Dingo, as he’ll be Trip’s neighbor, soon!) 🙂

That said, the PDJ crew express their love for the 313rd, and all things techno. As they draw parallels between Detroit and their home city of Dayton, there’s no doubt that this is a “Mecca” of sorts, for the Midwestern electronic dance music lover, the techno lover, and the Motor City hustlers, alike.

David and Tony take some time to point out some favorite sets, while observing some obvious improvements over previous iterations of the festival, and a tad bit of criticism over rising VIP prices.

Overall, this is still the ONE festival that all of us here at PDJ still endorse, whole-heartedly, and we hope the love is felt from down here in the Gem City. Till next year, D!

(also, instead of something funny in this week’s out takes, we caught a moment of excitement as Trip & Gina’s daughter made her first crawl, while we were recording!)