In this week's episode, the PDJ crew reviews some articles surrounding discussions about laptop banning in an LA nightclub, the pros and cons of having an “industry standard” hardware set up, and the fluctuating trends between the controller and software technologies with the mainstay and emerging hardware setups from gear giants, like Pioneer.

We've got some opinions on the no laptop thing…and maybe not exactly what you'd think fellow DJs would say.

We also weigh in on Seth Troxler and Richie Hawtin's personal arguments on the whole “no controllers” policy. Tweet at us, and let us know who you agree with:

We pull some personal experiences together in our discussion about the value of having a standard throughout the industry, but we also recognize the pitfalls associated with that.

We also discuss whether or not the growing focus back to (primarily) hardware setups is a waxing and waning trend, or if the trend is more indicative of the issues that come with a controller market that now has so much width and breadth.