Well folks, we've made it to Episode 50 of the Passionate DJ Podcast! It's been a great ride so far, and Tony, Trip, and I are incredibly thankful to be part of such a great community of Passionate DJs. Here's to the next 50!

Today, Tony and I take some time to answer your voicemail questions. Don't forget that you can always submit voicemails to be featured on the show, by visiting the front page at www.passionatedj.com.

First, we talk to DJ Serrato, who is running a successful mobile DJ business, but is struggling with the setup and teardown process. Mobile DJs are often placed in the position of having to bring their own sound equipment, mixing gear, lighting, and more. We talk about what we've learned from our own mobile gigs (and Tony's stage management experience), and try to give some tips to make his life easier.

Next up is a question from Jazon, who wants to learn more about building a team in order to further his DJ career. What about DJs who are at the level of Skrillex, Steve Aoiki, etc.? What gets hired out? Is it necessary to build a team in order to reach the top?

Finally, Jack is a local listener who is interested in learning more about DJing and what goes on behind the decks. He watched a Maceo Plex show, and while he recognized a song that was being played, Jack noticed that it sounded different than usual. This got him thinking about how this could have been accomplished. We give our own thoughts on what could have been happening, and hopefully shed some light on what DJs are doing up there!

As always, we appreciate your support! Leave a comment or submit a voicemail, so that we can be in touch and possibly feature you on the show!