This week’s episode centers around a common problem faced by many DJs: How do I get to play what I actually want to play?

A listener writes in to the podcast to ask this question, stating that he has a recurring DJ gig playing at a top 40 bar, but wants to know what steps to take in order to play what he wants. Tony and I talk about our own experiences with this situation, and the approaches we take to overcome those feelings of “selling out”.

There are a lot of types of DJs, and there are a lot of reasons why people like to DJ. Sometimes, it’s all about deciding what is most important to you. Do you like the fun and exciting energy of playing the hits to a common crowd? Do you like expressing yourself as an artist? Are you an exhibitionist? What does it for you?

It’s also important to realize that the modern DJ tends to wear a lot of hats. Some people try to do it all (produce, promote, market, book…. all in addition to DJing) and some people just wanna play music. Prioritization is key!

Before we get into the main topic, Tony and I also answer a question submitted by DaibutsuMusic – “If you could play a tag set with ANY DJ, at ANY location, what would you choose?”

Can you guess our picks? Listen to find out!