Episode 53 is a just-for-fun episode. We bring back our “Pick 3” idea… this time, with a focus on hip-hop. Trip Turlington finally rejoins the cast (after some time off to move in to a new place). As you'll hear, we all had a blast after getting the whole crew back together.

Trip starts off lamenting the Pioneer announcement of the DDJ-RZ, and how it seems to be the controller everyone craving a Nexus setup could get for an easier-to-swallow price point, except that it still requires a laptop for operation.

Afterwards we dig in, each sharing three different hip-hop tracks and talk about why we like them, why they are iconic, and whatever other little bits of trivia we feel like throwing in.

From rap's infancy stage in the early 80s, to the golden age of the 90s, to modern-day sounds… there's something for just about any hip-hop fan in today's episode. Enjoy!

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Note: Though we typically take a “PG-13” approach to The Passionate DJ Podcast… this is a hip-hop episode. Today's show contains explicit language… you've been warned!