In Episode 54, we chat about a topic near and dear to our hearts: DANCE MUSIC!

All of us here at The Passionate DJ Podcast are huge fans of electronic music in its various forms. In this episode, you'll hear a little bit about how each of us got there, and what keeps us going. Some of it social, some of it emotional, some of it innate discovery. But, it's ALL love.

Special guest, Mo Dingo, shares his experiences in foreign countries as part of his military career, and how he uses DJing to motivate CrossFit events. We thank Mo Dingo for not only his service to our country, but for being a guest on the show! He has a lot of experience and a unique perspective that we think we could all benefit from.

We hope you enjoy this insight into our journey of discovery, as we find out how similar (and yet different) our stories truly are.