First, we take a few jabs at the astronomically priced (and devoid of practicality) CDJ/DJM-TOUR1 system.

At a hefty $16,000 for what is, essentially, a dual CDJ-2000nxs2 and DJM-900nxs2 setup with touchscreens, we couldn't help but snicker through most of this segment as we lament Pioneer's (lack of) marketing prowess as they spent an entire week pushing sponsored ads on Facebook.

While there's no shortage of DJ's that are willing to pay the Pioneer tax for high end, “standard” gear, we're just left scratching our heads trying to figure out who they are really trying to push this on?

After that, we do a review of the most current info for Thud Rumble's Invader mixer, an innovative marriage of a laptop and a 2 channel battle-style mixer, with the infamous Q-Bert behind the design.

Looks like it is currently in a beta testing prototype, and is expected to ship this fall. If you haven't seen this, yet, check it out. It looks to be pretty promising!

After poking at Pioneer a bit in the beginning of the show, we had to come back to the table and drool over Pioneer DJ's new Toraiz Sampler/Groovebox.

When Pioneer gets it, they REALLY GET IT! While surely welcome in any studio setup, this is the kind of kit that any DJ would surely love to play with, even if you're not a finger-drummer or the type to incorporate live synth work in your set. It's a gorgeous piece with a reasonable price tag.

To wrap things up, we did a little speculating on the announcement from Serato & Roland (, which is just around the corner!