In this week’s episode, we are joined by our friend Kilma! Episode 64 is all about the issues and concerns which women often experience as DJs, or in the “EDM Industry”.

Kilma chats with David about several issues which she’s observed in the scene:

Denial – The ability for people to admit there’s a problem. “If I don’t experience, see it, witness it… it doesn’t happen.” or “Well I know a girl that says it doesn’t exist.”

Lack of Empathy – “If you want to be treated as an equal, deal with it.”

Complete Dismissal/Questioning Experience – “You think you had a bad day, wait until you hear about mine.” Complaints not taken seriously, constantly questioned on whether they may have “brought the situation onto themselves.”

Fear – Afraid to be boycotted, not taken seriously and even more harshly harassed many stay silent on current issues.

So what are some possible solutions to these issues? Kilma offers some suggestions:

Acknowledge there is an issue – Everyone needs to acknowledge this is happening! Just like racism or homophobia. Just because YOU aren’t experiencing something doesn’t mean other people aren’t or that it’s not a huge issue.

Call Out The Behavior – Support one another. If you see bullying you call it out. If you see sexism, call it out. Stick up for those around you!

Ask Questions – As someone experiencing or even being an ally it can be difficult to stay calm when hearing complete ignorance, but that can also be great way to open up dialogue to make others aware and question one’s motives.

Become An Ally – Men are a very important part of the solution. Unfortunately sometime’s it’s not until a guy says it, that another guy hears it.

Educate Yourself – Learn about the history of sexism, where it stems from, how it’s alive and well today, review the stats and studies about the effects on inequality and listen to the stories of those experiencing it.

This episode features clips from the following videos:

Women, STEM, and EDM (TED Talk by Dani Deahl)

IMS Ibiza 2016 Panel (Diversity in Electronic Music)

Give it a listen, and ladies, feel free to share your own experience in the comments!

Photography credit in podcast art goes to: Aaron Kostiuk