The night before episode 65, everyone was out and about. Tony and David were out at the 3DMentional annual Halloween party named Yiiiikes! while Trip and Mo were at uBahn. Since everyone was feeling a little rough, we decided to do something fun that we know everyone likes… a Pick 3!

This time, we dug through Trip's bins, and they didn't disappoint:

1 – Paragliders – Lithium: A quintessential trance track from the late 90's.

2 – Shades of Rhythm – Dance Among Strangers: Another 90's dance track, but this one was unapologetically HOUSE.

3 – Parliament – Chocolate City: The full 1975 LP from Casablanca records.

Bonus – Mos Def & Massive Attack – I Against I: from the Blade II Soundtrack.

Take a listen as David, Mo, and Trip banter over some of these random pulls from the bins. If you listen close enough, you can hear the crackle of the vinyl!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, some upgraded gear was not performing to its peak potential, so there are some audio glitches throughout this episode. Unfortunately we had no idea they were there until Trip went back through to edit. We have a ticket open with the gear in question and will have this issue resolved for future episodes.