Episode 77 has the guys taking an array of questions to the online oracle known as Google, ranging from the serious to the silly, and even some that you may have never thought to ask anyone, for fear of it being considered a “stupid” question.

We start out our episode with a question from a listener, who is new to DJing and wants some advice on how to provide an entertaining soundtrack for her yoga classes. Since our very own Mo Dingo is experienced with DJing Crossfit events, we defer to his expertise and provide suggestions on how she might accomplish this.

We then dive into Google to explore the reasons your ears ring after a show, the origin of the “Fresh” scratch sample, who has the largest record collection in the world, the world’s most expensive record player, and much more.

For the latter half of the episode, we dig in to the origin of some of the most highly sampled breakbeats of all time in the hip hop genre. We give them a listen, and try to name songs which have the sample. Listen along and try to decide if you can name any tracks which are sampled here!