In Episode 79, Mike Donovan drops in while David, Tony DeSaro, Trip Turlington, and Mo Dingo reach in to the Passionate DJ mail bag to respond to some of your voicemail and email messages!

The guys take a stab at responding to a listener who is looking for more clarification on how to approach making mashups after listening to Episode 23: DJ Producer/Remixer/What’s the Difference?

Since it’s technically possible to make mashups on the fly using DJ gear, or be more meticulous and create a more polished, finished product with a producer’s software tool set, the guys give an array of options that will give anyone more to explore.

The next message focuses more on the future of DJ gear, and the producer/DJ versus the DJ/producer phenomena that seems to have blurred many of the lines over the years, as well as the understanding of what is expected of modern DJ’s.

Finally, one of our supporters in our hometown shares his challenges with politicking in our local scene, and about levels of gear quality. This is a challenge for a lot of people, even us, as Passionate DJs. So, we hope that by addressing this topic for that listener, it helps many of you that may face the same challenges.

Keep sending those voicemails and emails! We love receiving them!