For Episode 80, we return to the Pick 3 format! Only this time, it is David’s turn to be invaded!

First up: Mo Dingo pulls DJ Lima & Evanz D’s “A Fresh Mood”…a fresh and funky house jam with lots of cool bassline movement, horn stabs, and filtered disco samples that had the crew bouncing in their chairs.

Next, Trip Turlington pulls The Mystery’s 2002 supersaw trance giant “Devotion”. This gets the guys reminiscing about the late 90’s / early 2000’s rave scene. A few tears may, or may not, have been shed. We cannot confirm nor deny.

Finally, Tony pulls Busta Rhymes’ “Do My Thing” that strikes up lots of conversation about Busta Rhymes’ upcoming during the 90’s hip hop era, the unique drum and bass remixes on this 12″, and crate digging in thrift stores.

The guys also answer an email, while Mo reports on his 9 hour gig playing for a Crossfit events, and Trip (once again) laments yet another Windows 10 error (that’s 3 in 6 months, for those of you keeping count, at home) that now has him considering coming over to the Mac platform.