In this week's episode, we check in on Trip and his fresh conversion to the Mac platform. After several months of Windows issues, he decided it was time to give the Apple platform a try.

The core of this week's topic, however, is approaching an early episode of the podcast with a modern, twist. A “remix”, if you will. Now that we have a different platform, and more ideas, opinions, and experiences to draw from, we thought it would be beneficial to ourselves, and our audience, to revisit some of those earlier topics.

Some of the points we rehash from Episode 2:

— Working Hard
— Taking Care of Your Ambassadors
— Scarcity
— Adding Perceived Value
— Leveraging Your Connections
— Work Speak
— Being Quality-Focused
— Exceed Expectations
— Reward Your Supporters

What experiences have you had with creating buzz, instead of hype?