In today's episode, David dedicates some time to those who are undecided about becoming a DJ (or, continuing to be one). How does one know if DJing is a good fit for them, and their lifestyle?

It's not always sunshine and rainbows; there are some important considerations when deciding to actively pursue DJing as a “career” of sorts. David goes over the following questions, which one can ask to help understand what it means to become a DJ:

Are you a creative person?

Are you willing to be in the public spotlight?

Are you thick-skinned?

Are you disciplined/a self-starter?
(This takes initiative, regular attention, motivation…)

Do you have time?
(See Episode 62: Advice for Busy DJs with Day Jobs)

Do you have the energy, physically & creatively?

Can you keep your ego in check?

How social are you?

Are you persistent?
(Can you work hard, even when it sucks?)

Are you a patient person?
(DJ careers are a slow-burn.)

Are you willing to learn / open-minded?

Do you take yourself too seriously?

Can you leave your comfort zone?
(See Episode 57: Comfort Zone)

Do you have passion?
(That can help you power through anything else on this list)