Today's episode covers a lot of ground!

After David gives some updates on his personal DJ setup (an eBay shipment arrived!) and talks about why he's making those changes, the conversation moves into the realm of 3 and 4-deck mixing. A listener calls in to the show, expressing confusion about the purpose of having more than 2 decks. We discuss some of the reasons people do this (both for utility and for artistic reasons), but ultimately land on the resolution that 2-deck mixing is appropriate for most scenarios.

For our main topic, we talk about jaded DJs, and how to prevent burnout. After pointing out several reasons that this can happen (using one of Kilma's articles as a starting point), David points out some ways that disenchanted DJs can get the magic back:

• Know your limits & set realistic goals
• Find your groove, and a workflow that works for you
• Directly & honestly identify your personal hurdles
• Look after yourself and your body
• Take breaks
• Build strong relationships
• Seek inspiration, encouragement (PDJ is always here!)
• Pivot. Try something new. Evolve.

Have you ever been a jaded DJ? Did you manage to bring back the “magic”? We would love to know your story. Leave a comment, or better yet, send us a voicemail. We may feature it on the show!