In Episode 85, all four of us finally got back together after a few weeks of different issues that kept the crew from getting together.

Unfortunately, we had to go dark, last week. Trip has taken some time off for family responsibilities and David encountered some issues with Audacity while recording on vacation. Ultimately, while we hate it when it happens, we miss episodes from time to time. We hope it doesn't throw anyone's week off, too much. While we will continue to strive for the weekly release schedule, sometimes…life just happens.

During the break, Mo Dingo attended a Silent Disco in our hometown. We've talked about these, before, and they're not a new concept, but it's a fairly new thing for our area. So, we chat with Mo and talk about our perceptions and experiences with Silent Discos.

April 1st, amidst all of the pranks, contained some truly sad news for the music community. Ikutaro Kakehashi, the founder of Roland and creator of the TR-808 passed away. We take a moment to honor the passing of the man who spawned a movement within electronic & sample-based instruments, as well as indirectly spawned several genres of music that we all enjoy, today, because of his inventions and innovation.

And, lastly, as to the namesake of this episode, we discuss “Another Trip Around The Sun”, the birthday party of our very own Tony DeSaro, which will feature none other than Sasha as the headliner. We ask Tony to dive in to a deep conversation about the party, from conception to execution, and every nitty-gritty detail in between. From all of us at PDJ to everyone at 3DMentional, congrats and good luck on what is sure to be a successful show!

If you are able/willing to travel for, and would like to attend this show, please feel free to contact us here at Passionate DJ, and we will assist you in getting acquainted with where to stay and eat. 🙂