In this episode: we take a voicemail about motorized controllers, David discusses how he fits DJing into his “work life”, Mo Dingo tells us about some frustrations at a recent mobile gig, and we discuss the struggles of “lone wolf DJs”.

Also… Can you get paid for online DJ mixes? Soundcloud recently announced the expansion of a revenue-sharing program to include “artists who create ‘recorded and live sets, remixes, and other user-generated content.'”

Struggles of Lone Wolves:

– It’s hard. It’s a lot of work.
– Less events to use as examples
– Useful feedback is at a premium
– The idea factory is a one-man show
– Much smaller data pool to base decisions/less crowds to observe
– Limited promotional power
– Lower chance of having an “in” somewhere
– Less social media reach/launch power


– Forge a unique path… blaze a trail
– Learn your market & build to suit
– Fully realize your ideas and drive them home
– … But know when to try new things
– Invest in decent portable sound rig (you might have to “go mobile” sometimes)
– Know when to buy or hire your way out of something

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