In Episode 87, the gang is all together and decide to spend this time to just get all caught up with each other.

First we recap the 3DMentional show “Another Trip Around the Sun” featuring Sasha. Mad props to Tony and Billy for pulling it off, David for the KILLER direct support role executed with perfection, Mo Dingo for the stone cold sentinel-like security duties, and Trip…well….he danced 😀

We also chat about what’s next for 3DMentional, and maybe even Trip has a new event in the works.

Tony has recently been playing around with a Native Instruments S8, so we poke and prod him a little for his thoughts on that versus the Nexus setup he is more accustomed to playing on.

Mo wraps us up by bringing up a friend in Saint Louis that he’s been able to help over email, regarding fitness events.

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