For Episode 88, we take some time to reach in to the mail bag and see what's going on with you all!

Before that (but after a light razzing), Mo Dingo divulges the details of one of his recent gigs, where he played a more modern set for a teenager's Sweet 16 party. Being that Mo is the crotchety old guy that he is, he employed the assistance of his 4 teenagers to help him refine the playlist. This was a learning experience for himself, as well as his kids… not to mention the bonding time, with music as the centerpiece!

Through the course of answering emails, comments, and voicemails, we touch on several topics, ranging from penetrating markets like Las Vegas, even when you're a working spouse and parent with little time to dedicate to “partying”.

For another listener, we discuss ways of starting your own event or series, for the sake of establishing some more gigs for yourself, or to help promote a crew you're with or want to be a part of. This listener has a big gig coming up and wants to start moving things in that direction, and get a little more time behind the decks, in front of people, before the “big one”!

We also throw around some gear suggestions for a local-to-us listener who is ready to make the switch from a controller to CDJ's, but is questioning whether or not she “needs” the full-on NXS2 setup. (Hint: you don't “need” it, but if you've got the budget for it, we are all admittedly Pioneer fanbois lol)

Also, David is being cited! For a college paper, that is. One of our listeners is writing a paper for school, and the highly controversial “Why DJ's Are Not Musicians” article caught his eye. It's one of our more “viral” articles, that catches the viral wave, every so often. It's fun when it does, because it's such a polarizing topic, even though the intent of the article is often missed as a lot of people don't get past the title. But, this listener did, and is going to use it as part of a paper!

We hope you enjoy Episode 88, but more than that we hope you see just how much we value all of you, the PDJ community, and truly want all of us to become better DJ's, through passion and purpose. So, keep sending in those voicemails, emails, and comments! We love interacting with you!