Today's episode is all about how Passionate DJs and music lovers utilize music as a sort of personal therapy. David starts off by telling a story of a recent mobile gig which he was flat-out not interested in doing, because he just wasn't feeling like himself. By the time the event began, he was right as rain. DJing has a way of just making us feel…better!

Music can be used to trigger an emotional response. As DJs, we take some level of active control over the music. This allows us to use existing music as a form of expression, to form a connection with an audience, or to just “get out of our own heads” for a while.

We talk about the structure of electronic dance music, and how its accessibility, versatility, and repetitive nature influences our response.

We also discuss the nostalgia factor of music, and the way our brains intensely bond music together with memories from our past. Quite literally, our memories live on through music.

The Passionate DJ Podcast crew wishes to dedicate this episode to the memory of Dayton Kruse.

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