Today’s episode is all about how passionate DJs and music lovers utilize music as a sort of personal therapy. In part 2, we start out by discussing some of the actual scientific research behind music therapy. We've all heard about the “healing properties” of music, but what's the evidence?

Then, we listen to a call from one of our listeners, making a great point about the problem of escapism. Don't forget: just because you use music (or anything) as an escape from your problems, doesn't mean that the problems go away.

Finally, we talk about how we can use DJing as a connection to other people. There's an “infectious” nature to the good vibes resulting from playing good tunes to a receptive audience.

Music can be used to trigger an emotional response. As DJs, we take some level of active control over the music. This allows us to use existing music as a form of expression, to form a connection with an audience, or to just “get out of our own heads” for a while.

The Passionate DJ Podcast crew wishes to dedicate this episode to the memory of Dayton Kruse.

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