In Episode 91, we start the party off by taking a listen to some of the feedback from Episodes 89 & 90, and poke a little fun at Ja-Rule and his Fyre Festival debacle.

Then, per popular demand, Tony DeSaro and Trip Turlington give some tips on how to pull off a proper event. Apparently there's a lot of you out there who are interested in doing your own events, or are at least curious what all goes in to a legitimate show, so Tony bears all, with Trip chiming in with some of his experiences when he was a promoter.

This episode covers nearly everything in the planning stages, leading up to the day of an event. Some of the important points we cover:

– Researching dates and venue availability
– Reach out to agent to see which artists are available
– Making an offer to an artist, and the contract work if offer is approved
– Obtaining and utilizing press kits, working with your graphic designer on promo materials
– Determine which locals and regional talent best fit your event
– Get artist, agent, and management approval on all the details
– Treat social media event page as a “launch” to maximize the organic reach
– Never rely totally on social media. Order flyers, tickets, and posters and PUT THEM IN PEOPLE'S HANDS. Hitting the streets is a MUST!
– Check with local newspapers or city zines to advertise in the artist/entertainment sections
– Pay for some social media post boosting to hit your target geo locations and demographic matches.

There's so much more, but for those who are interested in just how much work goes in to a thankless job that doesn't make you a lot of money, this is a good primer. Hit us with your comments, emails, and voicemails if you have questions or want us to expand on any of these points!