In Episode 97, we investigate the worst of the worst: What can go wrong?

What do you do if your computer becomes damaged, unbootable, or is stolen?

What about when USB media or hard drive can become corrupt or lost?

How about when you encounter user errors like accidental file deletion, occupational hazards like beer being dumped in mixer, software and firmware updates that cause unforeseen problems, or getting screwed by a promoter, employer, wedding planner, etc.

We don’t always know what will go wrong! But, with a little preparation and a proactive attitude, there are some steps we can take to mitigate some of the most devastating of issues:

  • Computer and music backups
  • Redundancy planning for the gig
  • Make a checklist to reference on day of show
  • Prep your DJ bag (or make a “first aid kit”)
  • Comprehensive set of RCA/quarter/XLR adapters & cables
  • Have a second method to DJ (CD wallet, extra USB key, etc.)
  • An “in case of emergency” mix
  • Arrive early for extra reaction time
  • Contracts can keep you from legal or financial trouble
  • Insurance: For events and for your gear
  • Protecting against theft
  • Know how to play on anything

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What are some disasters you’ve encountered, and what can you (and others) do to avoid it?