Exploring New Paths w/ZAANDR (Ep. #220)

In today's epsiode we present an interview with return guest ZAANDR, who joined us to talk about all the great new stuff he's got going on and to share some encouragement with us Passionate DJs. Before we get into that, Mo and David get into a little bit of behind-the-scenes discussion: what's coming up soon, what we're thinking about, and general catching-up.

We talk about:

  • Livestreaming and Twitch
  • Upcoming content and experiments
  • ZAANDR's latest single, and his experience shooting a music video
  • What kept ZAANDR busy through the pandemic
    … and much more!

We really appreciated ZAANDR’s approach to dance music. While his sound is very accessible and festival-friendly, there’s also a lot of “underground” influence. He transitions between house music and halftime trap beats, yet manages to make it all sound cohesive.

While he was here, he brought the heat in a much different way… playing a livestream of more subdued dance music. We'll be posting the set on Thursday… subscribe so you don't miss it!

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