Exploring The (Not So) Silent Disco (ep. #226)

Mo Dingo officially takes over hosting duties in today’s episode, and he hits the ground running by bringing a terrific trio of DJs to Passionate DJ Studios. Dayton’s Silent Disco crew joins us on the mic, featuring return guests John Chapel and Kim L, along with podcast virgin Sexbox.

Mo, David, and the Silent Disco crew are all buddies, so this is a fun episode full of jabs and nonsense. But we also do a deep dive into what the silent disco nights actually are, what’s fun about them, and why they aren’t nearly as awkward as they sound.

We discuss the technical capabilities and concerns of using 500 wireless headsets, the different musical “lanes” each DJ represents, the psychology of reading a “silent” crowd… and much more!

Dayton’s Silent Disco happens at Yellow Cab, on the last Friday of every month.

(Red Channel) John Chapel | Modern Pop/Hip-Hop
(Green Channel) Kim L | EDM
(Blue Channel) Sexbox | 70s/80s/90s