Gently Down The Stream (Ep. 206)

Today is all about the state of DJ software, streaming, podcasting, and services. In today’s “industry update” epsiode, we look at all the latest happenings in the digital DJing space (since we last covered this topic in February), and talk about our personal struggles with the idea of DJing via streaming services in a live environment.

We talk about:

Rekordbox 6.0 and its “Cloud Connect” features, including integration with Beatport Link, Soundcloud Go+, Dropbox, Inflight. The “Creative” pricing tier allows you to sync your library across multiple devices.

The removal of Spotify access from third party sources – namely, the removal of Spotify from Algoriddim DJay. They have partnered with companies like Soundcloud Go+ and TIDAL to continue offering streaming services.

The pros & cons of using TIDAL in DJ sets (Mo Dingo shares his experience after a few months of testing).

The addition of “stems”-like technology to both Virtual DJ and Algoriddim DJay. Both companies are trying to make it possible to separate different pieces of a complete stereo track – for example, vocals or drums, rather than requiring a special file format (such as the one practically abandoned by Native Instruments).

All of this, and more, in today’s episode of The Passionate DJ Podcast!

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