Hands-on With Phase (Wireless DVS System) #NAMM2019

One of the products that a lot of people were curious about this year at NAMM, is the long-anticipated Phase. Phase works kinda like timecode records. Umm… without the timecode records.

You see, the Phase is a handy little gadget which sends a timecode signal over a super high-speed proprietary wireless protocol.

What that means is, you can manipulate your digital files (mp3 for example), by placing a Phase device over any preferred piece of wax.

These units use accelerometers or, black magic, or something, to scratch and move your Serato tracks with a surprisingly low-latency interface.

P.S. – you can pre-order Phase here!


As they say on their website, Phase provides the quality and comfort of controllers, but the feeling and accuracy of real turntables.

Phase is the first wireless controller that allows you to use timecode without needing cartridges or control vinyl. Using two audio remotes, the turntable rotation information is transmitted wirelessly to a receiver.

I've gotta hand it to them… there was a lot of wireless activity at NAMM, but they didn't seem… ahem… phased, by it.

Now, people have been giving MWM a hard time about this thing since it seems to keep getting talked about, but never seeing a release. So I went to the Phase booth at NAMM to ask the representatives straight-up when Phase is supposed to come out. Watch the video above for the result.