Immobile DJs (Ep. 201)

Today’s show features special guests Shawn (DJ Freeman) and Noel (DJ Serrato), here to talk about mobile DJing… or the current lack thereof. Episode 201 is hosted by our beloved Mo Dingo.

We talk about the current state of affairs, considering the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, and how this affects those who rely on DJing for income. How are mobile DJs coping?

Noel tells us about a virtual dance party that he was booked to play, and was paid $150 for. This brought up some interesting discussion about the idea of using contracts for playing online gigs… something that would have seemed strange to us only weeks ago. We talk about struggles with webcams on Macs, online crowd reading, the MIXON 4 vs. Pioneer hardware, connectivity & bandwidth, and Spotify vs. TIDAL.

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