In Episode 26, Passionate DJ shares some upcoming changes with our community. There'll be a lot of changes coming in 2016, including image rebranding, shifting the focus to the podcast, looking to bring on sponsors, and some changes to the format of the show. We also announce the addition of Tony DeSaro and Trip Turlington to the show.

David, Tony, and Trip discuss one of PDJ's most polarizing viral articles about beat matching. Tony and Trip talk about their evolution from turntables and vinyl to incorporating more modern equipment and software in to their shows and skill sets, where David talks about his experience learning modern techniques first, then learning the mechanical foundations of DJing.

The panel tries to shed some light on the intent of the original article itself (hint: it's not to scream “GET OFF MY LAWN!”), while offering their insight on the subject of modern DJing technology and the foundations of DJ mechanics.

The panel also reviews comments from the article, which brings out topics such as what is expected of a DJ, compared to modern shows where producers with pre-determined set lists are more similar to going to see a bands, why the old school mentality versus the new school mentality can be a hindrance to both sides, and the philosophy behind reading a crowd.