Making Melodies and Memories (Ep. #222)

Today's episode features special guest Isicle, who joined us for an in-studio livestream on our Twitch channel. While he was here, he was gracious enough to give us an interview to tell us a little bit about what he does… which is create amazing music on the fly.

Isicle is a Dayton-based DJ, producer, and pianist. His full-time job is wedding gigs, but today he shares his more artistic side. We talk about how he jams on his many keyboards, improvising over beats. He played some incredible piano keys for us, while creating cool music that we described as “LoFi Soul and Electro”. There's definitely a bit of hip-hop flavor in there, too.

You can also watch the full musical performance with Isicle here:

📹 That performance was originally broadcast on our Twitch channel.

📸 Be sure to follow Isicle on Instagram! (Check out that woodworking stuff, too!)

We also talk about the many, many things that are coming in the near future for Passionate DJ. Stay tuned and enjoy!