PDJ 003 – Small Time Promoter Tips w/Jessica “Fortune” Fenner (pt. 1)

Finally… the first Passionate DJ Podcast Interview!

Wow, I’m very excited to announce the release of episode 3 of the Podcast!

In this episode, I interview Jessica Fenner, also known as “Fortune”, of A.part Music in Milwaukee.  Currently producing 2 weekly parties, both in their third year, one off larger scale events and a DJ collective, Apart believes in delivering music to the community by putting the spotlight on local artists, as well as bringing world class talent to Milwaukee.  As a DJ, Fortune has had the privilege of warming up the decks for the likes of Audiojack, Colette, Derrick Carter, Catz & Dogz, JT Donaldson, Gaiser, Kaskade, KiNK, Johnny Fiasco, Justin Martin, Derrick May, Pezzner, Kid Sister and Green Velvet.

Jessica has been writing a compiled list of “small-time promoter tips”, and she is joining us on the podcast to share 30 of them with us!  Because of all the great info that we discuss, I had to break it into two episodes.  So, this episode covers the first 15 tips.

In this third episode, I talk about:

  • Getting to know Jessica and A.part music
  • Some unique approaches to building nights in limited markets
  • What audiences want (how to know, and please, your market)
  • The value of a mentor
  • How “word of mouth” is greater than any promotional tool
  • How to have a sense of security when planning and running your own event
  • How to “bulletproof your soul” when it comes to promoting, and avoid those burnout moments

Items mentioned in this session include:

Part two (episode four) of this interview can be found right here.

Special Bonus

Jessica has graciously allowed me to compile all 30 of these tips into one easy-to-read document.  (Hint: this is a great way to get all 30 tips now instead of waiting for part 2!)

Download the PDF of Small Time Promoter Tips here!

I think she’s awesome for letting us do this and you should too, so if you find this helpful, please make sure to Tweet her and let her know!

@djFORtUne, thanks for the great #SmallTimePromoterTip list from the PassionateDJ.com podcast.  You’re awesome!  (Tweet this!)