Life of a Full-Time DJ & The State of Modern Trance w/Airwave (Passionate DJ Podcast #005)

Hi folks!  I’m excited to announce that this episode is an interview with someone who I hold in very high regard: Laurent Véronnez, better known as Airwave!

A 20+ year veteran in the underground dance music scene, Laurent has witnessed a lot: the digital revolution, the peaks and valleys of the prominence of trance music, and the commercialization of various flavors of “EDM”.  Throughout all of this, Laurent has kept true to the sounds that move him.

Airwave is a hugely popular (and deeply respected) name in the dance music scene, with a very loyal fanbase.  He is especially known for his work in the trance genre, both progressive and psychedelic, and is an open and honest speaker about the state of the industry.  As such, I just had to get him involved with the podcast… and as you’ll hear, we had a fantastic discussion!

In episode 5, Laurent and I discuss:

  • What it’s like to be a traveling DJ and raise a family simultaneously
  • Why you have to be a little bit fully crazy to pursue music full-time
  • Why the accessibility of music creation tools today is such a good thing
  • Why Laurent would never go back to the days before the “digital revolution”
  • Why tools don’t make the musician
  • Where Laurent thinks the trance genre is headed in the future

Items mentioned in this session include:

One Last Thing…

This is only the fifth episode of the podcast, and we’ve already covered a lot of ground.  We’ve had two great interviews and covered a number of helpful topics.  I’ve been getting awesome feedback from people emailing me or posting on the Facebook fan page, and for that, I am extremely grateful!

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