Storytelling and Adding Value to DJ Mixes w/Joe Pardo (Passionate DJ Podcast #008)

We're lifting you Up, Up, Up for episode 8!

Here we are with episode 8 of the Passionate DJ Podcast!  Today we are having a conversation with Joe Pardo, who is working on a really neat project called Adventurtorium: An Up Inspired Experience.  This is a DJ mix which goes above and beyond stringing a handful of tracks together, and is the result of many man-hours of planning, mixing, editing, tweaking, recording, and promoting.  (Check out the cool trailer at the bottom of this post!)

This project caught my attention because it is meant to tell a story: a sort of re-telling of Pixar's “Up” and the feelings that it conjures up in Joe.  This resonated with me, because last year I released a mix called Zombie Hotel that was also meant to tell a story (or, rather, to suggest pieces of a story for the listener to “fill in” within their own heads).

In episode 8, Joe and I talk about:

  • How these projects differ from standard club demos or “just because” mixes.
  • How Joe was inspired by the movie Up to make this mix.
  • The good cause that Joe is supporting with this project, and why.
  • The failures and hurdles that got in the way, both during the technical creation of the project, and afterwards.
  • Extra ways that Joe has added value to the mix (why you should give it a listen!)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Adventurtorium Trailer: