Becoming a “Deejaypreneur” w/Casie Lane (Passionate DJ Podcast #010)

Episode 10 is all about treating your DJing more like a business in order to build credibility, land awesome DJ gigs, build your fan base, and do justice to your craft.

In this episode, I interview Casie Lane: a seasoned DJ and industry insider. Having worked nearly all sides of the event spectrum (DJing, promoting, artist management, etc.), she has a lot of great insight to share with us about the benefits of professionalism and smart marketing.

Casie is the founder of such great online resources as The Deejaypreneur and Land Awesome DJ Gigs… check them out in the resource list below!

In this episode, Casie and I hash out:

  • The initial struggles she ran into as a female DJ in a foreign country
  • Why it's so hard for DJs to make money
  • How to handle live screw-ups
  • DJ and crowd etiquette
  • Common DJ mistakes that hurt your reputation and sense of professionalism
  • What it really means to “brand yourself”

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

Enjoy, and leave your comments below!