New Year’s “Resolutions” for DJs (Passionate DJ Podcast #013)

Episode 13 – Happy New Year!

Happy 2015!! In this special (read: impromptu) edition of the Passionate DJ Podcast, I help 6 of my most valued listeners get answers (‘resolutions') to their questions. Thanks to Raymond, Ian, Brian, Thiago, Joseph and Alex for submitting voicemails!

In this episode, I help our listeners answer:

  • How to better organize your music library and maintain energy
  • The importance (or not) of harmonic mixing
  • If and when a DJ should invest in high-end sound
  • How to turn DJing into a legit business
  • How to play more underground/non-commercial gigs
  • What I think a “real DJ” is

Interesting happenings in 2014:

  • Pioneer DJ releases a “CD-less CDJ”, shortly after the company was sold to KKR for $551 million
  • Screens appear on controllers (Kontrol S8, Numark NV)
  • Lots of SoundCloud controversy
  • DDJ-SZ shows us what a “pro-grade” controller looks like
  • Reloop's Beatpad provides viable iPad DJing solution
  • Virtual DJ offers free “universal” DVS engine.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015!