All About Sound Quality (Passionate DJ Podcast #014)

Episode 14 – Do You Hear What I Hear?

Back in episode 13, I answered a call from Joseph regarding sound quality.  He asked when it’s worth it to invest in high-end audio gear (like sound cards, mixers, etc.)  But the question I actually answered had to do with production sound (speakers, amps, etc.)

Duh.  Apparently I wasn’t paying attention that day.

So, rather than just write a corrected answer, I decided to dedicate this entire episode to all things sound quality… including a re-answering of Joseph’s question.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • NAMM 2015 gear & a new Frankie Knuckles film
  • Confusing terms in the digital audio world
  • Analog vs. digital, and how you get from one to the other
  • Comparisons of mp3 bitrates (with examples)
  • How to keep a “front-of-house guy” (sound engineer) happy
  • Sound quality causes and concerns for DJs
  • If/when you (the DJ) should invest in expensive, high-end audio gear
  • My opinion on what types of files are “acceptable” to play out

Resources mentioned in this episode include: