Making SoundCloud Work For You w/Budi Voogt (Passionate DJ Podcast #015)

Episode 15 – Become a SoundCloud Ninja!

That's right, folks… this episode of the podcast is all about SoundCloud.  My special guest, Budi Voogt, joins the discussion to teach us all about how to market ourselves online, the changes SoundCloud is making to their platform, and how to improve your presence there.

This is a service which has grown exponentially since it was launched several years ago, and as such, the “big names” in the music industry are starting to wonder where their royalties are.  We discuss this problem, and how SoundCloud plans to resolve it.  Additionally, Budi introduces us to his book, The SoundCloud Bible, where you can go much more in depth into how to have great engagement and presentation on SoundCloud!

In this episode, Budi and I discuss:

  • Why streaming is the “next big thing” in the industry
  • The role of the modern independent music label
  • The one thing that matters the most when marketing your music
  • What changes are currently happening with SoundCloud, and why
  • The benefits of learning to properly operate within SoundCloud's platform
  • Some simple tips on how to improve your presence at SoundCloud
  • What's included in The SoundCloud Bible
  • How you can get a personal coaching session from Budi

Resources mentioned in this episode include: