Collaboration The Smart Way w/Jon Skinner (Passionate DJ Podcast #018)

Episode 18 – Let's Stay Togetherrrrrrr!

Welcome back to the Passionate DJ Podcast, where in episode 18, we talk about collaboration with other DJs and producers. I decided to discuss this topic with Jon Skinner, who invented a collaborative tool called Music Gateway. This tool allows you to find the right person to help you finish your track, mix, or project… and gives you a collaborative space to get things done. Very cool stuff!

I recently went to the techno festival in Detroit (Movement), which I attend every year… and every time, I come back ready and inspired to knock over skyscrapers with my music. And every time, I find others who feel the same way. Collaboration is very much on my mind right now, so I am excited to present this episode to you!

In this episode, Jon and I discuss:

  • What the club scene was like in places like London and Brighton in the 80s, and the dawn of the rave era through the 90s.
  • How Jon keeps the DJing magic alive, without getting jaded, and while maintaining a busy lifestyle.
  • The struggles that Jon discovered DJs have when it comes to online collaboration.
  • How Music Gateway acts as a “matchmaker” between musicians and those that can help them fill their needs.
  • How Music Gateway creates a collaborative online space for users to get on the same page on a project.
  • How to get the most out of the MG platform.

Resources mentioned in this episode include: