From GOOD DJing to GREAT DJing (Passionate DJ Podcast #019)

Episode 19 – Let’s Do Something Great!

In this episode of the podcast, not only do I answer a handful of questions submitted by listeners and readers of the blog, but we dive into the topic of going from a good DJ to a GREAT DJ!

A little while back, I wrote a post (check the resource list below) titled “The 5 Traits Shared by Great DJs”. In this episode, I expand on this and explain how these traits can aid you on your path to becoming a great DJ.

In this issue, we talk about:

  • Where to begin in creating your personal sound
  • How to become more noticed as a DJ
  • Advice on getting started creating mixes (for beginners)
  • Building set lists vs. crowd reading
  • How empathy, helpfulness, persistence, patience, and adaptability play a role in the great DJ’s life
  • Why the quality of your DJing matters

Resources mentioned in this episode include: