How Snobbery Harms Your DJing (Passionate DJ Podcast #022)

Episode 22 – Elitism or Enthusiasm?

This episode of the podcast is all about being a snob, how it affects your DJing, why it is harmful, and even why we can make a positive case for being a snobby DJ.

Before I recorded this episode, I sent out a message to my beloved VIP List members asking them what they thought about this topic, so much of today's episode was contributed by you guys. Thanks so much!

In episode 22, we talk about:

  • Why I don't consider myself a guru
  • How to tell if you're a snob
  • The difference between a snob and an enthusiast
  • How being a snob (and having a negative attitude towards music) can affect your DJing

No resource list for this episode, so just listen and enjoy!