DJ? Producer? Remixer? What’s the Difference? (Passionate DJ Podcast #023)

Episode 23 – Unproductive Terminology!

Hey Folks! We're back for episode 23. This time, we're talking about the differences between the DJ, the producer, and everything in-between. We also talk about why these lines are so often blurred, how the role of one can bleed into another, and why some people even find themselves in the role they didn't intend.

I also answer a letter from Roger, a 68-year-old guy who is interested in picking up his headphones and beginning his journey as a DJ for the first time. Kudos to Roger! Hear my thoughts and advice to him a the end of the episode.

In episode 23, we discuss:

  • Some exciting new announcements from Pioneer and Serato.
  • The definition of a DJ, and their role.
  • The types of audiences a DJ might play to.
  • The role of a music producer.
  • The difference between “music producer” in the modern, electronic musician context and the historical use of the term.
  • What Remix Artists and Mashup Artists do.
  • The goal of the Live PA Artist.
  • How the lines between all these different types of performers blur.
  • Examples of production vs. DJing software.
  • My advice for starting to become a DJ later in life!

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

Thanks so much, and we'll see you next time on episode 24!