Behind the Scenes of Zombie Hospital (Passionate DJ Podcast #024)

Episode 24 – Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Episode 24 is a special, slightly-delayed Halloween episode (since new episodes come out on Mondays)!

About this time last year, we were wrapping up The Story Mix Project. This was a 7-week video tutorial series in which I created a story-telling mix, and showed each step along the way. We go over some of the technical details, as well as the conceptualization, all the way through the finalization and “mastering” of the final product.

For this year’s Halloween episode, we dive even further into this mix. I hope you enjoy this special, behind-the-scenes commentary of Zombie Hospital!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The purpose of the project.
  • The focus of each week during the video series.
  • My inside thoughts on what the characters of the story might be doing.
  • Simple takeaways that you can use when creating your own studio mixes.

Resources mentioned in this episode include: