A Wink and a Nod (Passionate DJ Podcast #025)

Getting Things Done Through The Power of Networking!

Welcome back for another episode of the podcast! This time around, I recorded a sort of “roundtable discussion”… the last half of a meeting of the minds in my local scene.

Tony and Billy of 3DMentional Entertainment return to the show to tell us the experiences they had while booking the legendary Josh Wink this past weekend. There was a problem with their venue, and it looked like the event was doomed. Luckily, due to the power of the local collective, the show was a roaring success.

We are also joined by Trip Turlington and Kyle Rutherford (aka Overwaves), who were also taking part in the local “scene meeting”. Trip tells us the struggles he used to have with promoting and the differences in the scene “back in the day” vs. now. Kyle gives us some perspective on the state of the local scene in Dayton, OH and tells us how he began to get involved in the past few years.

Overall, there are a lot of nuggets of wisdom that I’m sure will be enjoyed by you all!