RANE ONE: A DJ Controller for Non-Controller DJs (Review & Performance)

Note: these videos made possible by hardware on loan from The DJ Hookup.

RANE made waves two weeks ago when it announced the ONE. It lands in a unique space in the current DJ market, with no other controller incorporating motorized 7” turntable platters for that legacy vinyl feeling, complete with a customizable high/low torque setting and a traditional plunger style start/stop button.

It has multi-function performance pads which give access to hot cues, saved loops, roll, sampler, slicer, and Serato’s Scratch Bank. Using its 6 radio-style FX buttons, you can instantly activate any combination of software FX, fine tune them with depth and beat parameter controls, and activate them with the aluminum paddle controls.

It supports two USB laptop connections, as well as external inputs which are switchable between phono and line. It has balanced main and booth XLR outputs (as well as an additional RCA main out), two microphone inputs, and an aux input for a total of 5 audio sources.

It also features RANE’s lightest and smoothest crossfader ever, the MAG FOUR, to help stand up to the rigors of cutting and scratching.

Key Takeaways

• The platters are everything they’re cracked up to be.
• The build quality is second to none.
• The pads give it an edge over turntable+mixer setups for performance.
• The mixer sections delivers in every way that a 2020 battle mixer from Rane should.
• RANE ONE condenses ~$3,300 of value into a ~$1,500 package.

RANE ONE Full Review

In this full review video, which I produced for my friends at The DJ Hookup, you'll get my complete thoughts on this new beast. Not only do I talk about the build quality and features of the new controller… but also about its significance in the market, and what it might mean for turntablism going forward.

RANE ONE in Action (20 Minute Scratch Demo)

In this video, turntablist Fatty Lumpkin visits Passionate DJ Studios and encounters the RANE ONE for the first time. He spent about 2 hours with the new controller, and this is a compilation of over 20 minutes of scratching, sampling, and beat juggling clips (plus, a few comments we made along the way).

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Unboxing & Bonus Comments

And for the sake of completeness, here's me unboxing the RANE ONE. In this video, you get my literal first impressions as I take it out of the box and turn it on for the first time.